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TV at 24Gbps 


Article on SDI, Cambridge Connectors and simulating high-definition video signals using 3D-FEM simulation. Please enter your email address to download:

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 TV at 24Gbps


Keysight Advanced Design System

Introduction to Agilent ADSDownload


 Advanced Design System


IR-Drop Analysis

Technical document that discusses the IR-drop and temperature rise analysis tools new to release 16.x Allegro PCB SI. Download


IR-Drop Analysis



Current Thinking

Technical document that discusses power consumption in differing termination schemes Download 


Download Current Thinking

Successful Design with FPGA MGbit Transceivers

Technical document that looks at the design and simulation of Xilinx and Altera MGHz data channels Download


Controlled Impedance Technical Article

Technical document that explains characteristic impedance from first principles. The article compares field solvers from several leading CAD tools Download


Serial IO Signal Integrity IEE Article

Article from IEE Electronics Systems and Software Oct/Nov 2005 Download



Impedance Calculation Comparison

Comparison of Cadence BEM2D results to other field solvers Download


Tech Note: OrCAD and xNets

Tech brief describing a workaround for constraint limitations in OrCAD with respect to xNets Download 


Brochures and literature

Advanced Layout Solutions Company brochure Download  

Collaborative design article, 3Dlabs, Cadence and ALS 

Article from PCB Technology Download 
Signal Integrity Brochure Signal Integrity Brochure Download

Design viewing software

Allegro Viewer 17.2

Version 16.x - 17.2 Win 7, 8, 10, 64-bit OS Download 

Allegro Viewer 16.6 Version 15.x - 16.6 Win2000/XP/Vista/7 Download  
Allegro Viewer 16.5 Version 15.x - 16.5 Win2000/XP/Vista/7  Download  
Allegro Viewer 15.x Version 14.x - 15.x Win2000/XP Pro Download  
Allegro Viewer 13.5 Version 12.x - 13.x Windows NT4.0  Download  
E drawings Viewer

Free viewer for .DXF, .DWG files Download 

ODB++ Viewer  Free Valor Universal viewer for ODB++  Download   
Altium Designer Viewer

Altium Designer Viewer - Free Download


Useful downloads

Allegro RPAK

Allegro Design Entry HDL pin-swappable resistor symbol Download

OrCAD RPAK OrCAD Capture pin-swappable resistor pack symbol Download
OrCAD Allegro netlist output OrCAD file to output Allegro non-PST netlist  (allegro.dll) Download
OrCAD 64-bit ODBC Drivers Microsoft Windows-64b driver to allow OrCAD v17 64-bit tools to work with Part Factory library. 27MB Download






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